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Daphne McKinnon

Daphne McKinnon LCSW G crop

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Therapist, MSW, LCSW
Utah State License: 11055197-3501 
California State License:  27778

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that practices from a strength based, client focused approach. I believe each individual has great worth and potential.

My journey to become a therapist began as a mother and foster parent, I have experienced the frustration, anxiety and fears that life has thrown at me. I have struggled with feelings of guilt, frustration and loss. I have learned the necessity of boundaries and balance in my life. I have learned that I am responsible for my own thoughts and feelings. I have learned to love myself and see my own self-worth. I believe each of us are unique in our own special way. There are times that you just need someone to listen, someone to help you learn new skills, someone to sit with you through difficult times, maybe someone you can understand and provide support, acceptance and understanding. Each individual has strengths, resiliency, and self-worth and value.

I invite you to reach out and find the joy and blessings life has to offer. By addressing your anxiety, depression, trauma and other challenges, you can learn to fully participate and be present for yourself and others.

Brooke Erickson


Therapist, MSW, CSW
(626) 559-2675    Office:435-363-7084
Utah State License: 13487659-3502

Reaching out for help when life keeps on going is the first step to healing.  Hello, my name is Brooke Erickson and I am a clinician serving clients in Utah and Idaho.  I work with adults and adolescents in a Telehealth platform to meet clients where they are at and to offer the flexibility that is needed in your busy lives.  I have a background in child welfare, palliative care, and working with caregivers and parents of children with disabilities.  My area of expertise is working with clients for the treatment of grief and loss end-of-life and life transitions, disease prognosis and coping with illness, caregivers for children with disabilities, trauma, anxiety, depression, family disruption/conflict, and AFCC informed therapy.

I graduated from California State University Stanislaus in 2012 with a Masters in Social Work and have been practicing at the Masters level since that time.  As a child welfare worker and Medical Social Worker I have experience working with individuals across their life span from a strength’s base and solution focused approach. I have worked in trauma centers, palliative care, and pediatrics.   I believe that the client is the expert in their experience and that the client holds intrinsic strengths and skills in working through life/environmental stressors. I assist clients with gaining awareness and insight into their experience of the situation and clients are guided to utilize their strengths and existing expertise.

When I am not working with clients I enjoy spending time with my 4 children, hiking, paddle boarding and tending to my garden.  I’m excited for the opportunity to meet you and help you get back to the life that you love and enjoy.  

Rebecca Martinez

Rachael BG copy

Therapist, MSW, CSW
Direct: 435-799-9812
Office: 435-363-7084

I have found that no one is exempt from problems.  As I have gone through life and also furthered my education, I have found tools that I’d wished I’d had when I was younger.  

Life can feel so overwhelming, and at times hopeless.  I have learned some tools and practices that can assist with these times and I love sharing them with others.  Things can get better.  I am a Certified Social Worker.  Prior to getting my MSW, I worked as a medical and crisis social worker for 19 years in both Utah and Arizona. I have a straightforward approach to assisting others.  

I believe that everyone is doing the best they can with the information they have and in the situation they are in, and that life can just feel really difficult and hopeless at times. 

I offer individual and group therapy and psychoeducation for teenagers, young adults and adults. 

I have been in those dark holes and it can feel so hopeless. I’d love to help you find your way out of the dark. You are doing better than you think you are. I’d love to show you that and help you along your path.

Kari M Raybould

Kari circle Image copy

Counselor, MA, ACHMC
Direct: (435) 383-4391
Office: 435-363-7084

Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.

Our relationships with ourselves have the greatest influence on how we experience life. The mind and body connection is also an integral part of overall well being that drives my passion for mental and emotional wellness. I aim to help clients understand this connection while focusing on using it as a strength rather than working against it. I prioritize creating a safe space for clients to explore their emotions and experiences. I believe in empowering clients with coping strategies and self-awareness, which are essential in their journey towards healing and growth.

My focus centers around trauma-focused counseling and recognizing the profound impact traumatic experiences can have on one’s mental and emotional well-being. I also help clients work on boundaries, emotional regulation, and positive self-concept. I use a variety evidence-based modalities, including Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), mindfulness-based techniques, and person-centered therapy and am currently training in Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR). My goal is to tailor treatment plans that cater to the unique needs and strengths of each individual I work with to help them reach their potential.

Outside of my counseling practice, I enjoy spending time outdoors, my family, husband and my two adorable rabbits. When I need to rejuvenate, I play and listen to music, exercise, and find time for reflection. I firmly believe in the importance of self-care and strive to maintain a balanced lifestyle to remain energized and focused in my work.

Elizabeth Seethaler

Elizabeth 225x300 copy

Therapist, CSW, MPsych – Spanish Speaking
Office: 435-363-7084

Emotions like anxiety, stress, insecurity, loneliness, and even thoughts of suicide can be overwhelming when we lack the tools to manage them effectively. It is important to remember that seeking help and support is a courageous step in finding answers and regaining control over our well-being. I recognize the impact of insecurities and fears in our lives, whether from past trauma, abuse, divorce, or other difficult circumstances. I am here to provide support and guidance, helping you navigate through these challenges. Together, we can explore your emotions, understand their roots, and discover strategies to regain control, build resilience, and create a more fulfilling and empowered life. You don’t have to face this alone: let’s embark on this journey together, supporting each other every step of the way.

Emociones como la ansiedad, el estrés, la inseguridad, la soledad e incluso los pensamientos suicidas pueden ser abrumadores cuando no tenemos las herramientas para manejarlos de manera efectiva. Es importante recordar que buscar ayuda y apoyo es un paso valiente para encontrar respuestas y recuperar el control sobre nuestro bienestar. Reconozco el impacto de las inseguridades y los miedos en nuestras vidas, ya sea por traumas pasados, abusos, divorcio u otras circunstancias difíciles. Estoy aquí para brindar apoyo y orientación, ayudándote a enfrentar estos desafíos y adaptarte a esta nueva cultura. Juntos, podemos explorar tus emociones, comprender sus raíces y descubrir estrategias para recuperar el control, fortalecer la resistencia y crear una vida más plena y empoderada. No tienes que enfrentarlo solo/a: comencemos este viaje juntos, apoyándonos mutuamente en cada paso del camino.

Marissa Gonzales

Marissa Gonzales

Therapist, MSW, CSW
Direct: 435-535-1547
Office: 435-363-7084

Everyone experiences grief and loss. Having experienced a significant loss myself, I understand that everyone grieves differently and at their own pace. I am passionate about helping those who suffer from grief, find peace, healing, and relief along their journey.

I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Social work and a Minor in Human Development and Family Studies from Utah State University.
Although I’m from Ogden, I now claim Cache Valley as home. I love working with teens and adults and have extensive experience working with individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities within various settings in the community.

I am trained in sex-specific therapy for juveniles (NOJOS)
and enjoy educating individuals about healthy relationships, the importance of self-confidence, and obtaining coping skills for anxiety and depression.

My focus in therapy is to collaborate with you to help accomplish your goals, manage stress, and find healing from the challenges you face.
I love incorporating mindfulness and relaxation techniques into my session. In my free time, I love watching USU sports, running, camping,
practicing yoga, listening to music, and spending time with my family.

How a Therapist Can Change Your Life for the Better

Therapy is centered on the relationship between a client and their therapist to help find solutions and treatment. Through the use of various psychotherapy methods and collaborative treatment measures, clients develop life-changing habits and skills to help them cope with life’s various challenges. 

At Family Counseling of Logan , our therapy sessions are designed to unravel painful issues and provide clients with effective tools to help find healing and improve perspectives on life.